Home Remedies For Dry Hair – 3 Steps To Make It Healthy Again!

Hair makes a great deal of difference. No matter what you do, if your hair is dry, rough and thin with split ends that are extremely susceptible to tangles, you don’t look and feel right. You’re still thinking about how your hair looks, they’ve messed up, if you brush them again, they’re dull and so on.

While lack of oil and moisture in your hair may make them dry and ultimately lose all their shine and soft texture, if you neglect your dry hair problem, you may also suffer from chronic hair loss.

You may need to take various steps to stop drying your hair, such as avoiding overexposure to the sun, hair dryers, dry environment, harsh shampoos and conditioners, too much brushing and using too many chemicals laden hair products. You may also need to take proper dietary nutrition.

After all, hair also consists of a protein type and requires its nutritional share as well as care. These are steps to prevent the drying of your hair. You may want to use some really effective home remedies for dry hair if you already have rough dry hair to bring back the lost shine and life to your hair!

Home Remedies

1. Hot Oil Massage

This is an ancient remedy for both prevention and treatment of dry hair. You improve the blood flow of your scalp by massaging your skin with oil. This stimulates the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum, which in turn will provide your precious hair with a natural protective layer.

While oil is good enough to massage, making it a little hot will make sure the oil penetrates deeply to reach your hair’s roots. Oil massage also feeds your hair and scalp by adding all the essential oil nutrients to your hair and scalp. Because of all roughness, hot oil massage is a great way to lubricate your dry hair and prevent damage.


  • Any oil (Coconut, Almond, and Olive oil are the best)

Do this:

Take the appropriate amount of oil in a bowl,┬ádepending on the length of your hair. Heat a little bit of this oil. All you need is warm oil. Now take your palm with a little warm oil and rub it with the other palm. Use this oil on your scalp. Taking a few more and add to your scalp’s other regions.

Now gently massage the warm oil deep into your hair root with your fingertips. When massaging, don’t be too hard, this can damage more hair.

2. Eggs

Protein is the best hair food because it consists only of protein. And what else than an egg can be your dry and damaged hair’s best source of high-class protein? Egg yolk is rich in fat and protein and is highly moisturizing, adding a great deal of moisture to your dehydrated hair.

On the other hand, egg white is packed with beneficial enzymes that purify your hair and scalp to give you a shiny look. You can simply beat 1-2 eggs and add them to your hair or make a more moisturizing hair mask with eggs.


  • 1 or 2 Eggs
  • 2 tbsp of Lemon juice
  • 2 tbsp of Olive or almond oil

Do this:

Beat the eggs then add the lemon juice and oil. Lemon juice will take away all the foul smell and hydrate the mask with oil. Blend well and add to your hair and scalp to make a smooth mask. Massage your scalp gently to penetrate deep into your scalp all the nutritional goodness. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes. Wash off and rinse with a normal shampoo.

3. Vinegar

Vinegar may be one of the oldest natural conditioning agents used for centuries. As early as the 19th century, it was used by Romans. Vinegar and apple cider vinegar both operate on your hair’s cuticle or outer surface. Cuticula can be described as a closely knit, unbroken overlapping long-scale layers that cover your hair’s entire surface and give it a smooth, shiny look.

This cuticula opens up when you shampoo your hair. If you do not take steps to restore cuticula then after washing your hair, it will look dry and rough. Your hair can also become dull and dry because, thanks to your shampoo, conditioner and other hair styling products, there is a buildup and residue that is stuck in your hair shaft. Not only does vinegar restore the protective cuticle layer of your hair, it also cleans the buildup and residue in your hair shafts.


  • 1 cup of white vinegar or apple cider vinegar
  • 3 or 4 cups of Water

Do this:

To get your hair rinse solution, add the vinegar and water. Apply the vinegar after washing your hair with shampoo (and conditioner, if you also use it). Gently massage your scalp and hair. Let the mixture sit on your hair for a few minutes, then gently wash with water and dry with a towel. Do this once or twice a week.




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