Hungry food and health

Hungry food and health

Whether you use fasting for religious reasons or you simply want to cleanse your body after the winter period when the diet is filled with caloric and fatty foods, the benefits are always welcome and almost necessary to free your body from the internal accumulation of toxins from underfed food.

Fatty oils are cleansed through the kidneys and then thrown out of the body. By fasting you will give your body a small rest of saturated fat. It is also an excellent therapy for treating illnesses associated with an unhealthy diet, such as obesity, diabetes, acne, allergies … So, if in this way fasting clears internal organs then you can only imagine what is happening to him your body from the outside.Bottled by excess toxins, the circulation is accelerating, so, do not be surprised if your complexion gets shine and blush.They strengthen the cardiovascular system and prevent the onset of cardiovascular disease. This is due mostly to high-dose potassium, which will improve heart health and normalize blood pressure. In addition, apricots contribute to the removal of harmful toxins from the body.This fruit is recommended to be given to children, as it stimulates their development in every aspect. Why is that? Apricot boosts brain activity and improves memory. And here’s something else useful!

When you enter a smaller amount of foods with less energy value, do not be fooled that you will not have the strength to finish your daily routine. On the contrary, fasting strengthens your fitness. If you give your body a little chance of resting on the tremendous burden caused by heavy foods, it will begin to release the internal strength that it draws from the accumulated reserves. This energy is far more effective than the one you get directly from the food.

Do not start with suggestions that the menu is poor and that you will be limited to a few products that will quickly bother you. In fact, you will be surprised at how many products on the market can be your successful ally while you encounter the organism. Sometimes, for some of us, we are not even aware that they are actually a quick substitute for meals that are very caloric and fatty.

Four lunch dishes cooked without oil

1. Bacardan (polenta)

One of the recipes for which you will not take much time, and of course reminds you of childhood is the delicious boiled polenta. To prepare this dish you need:
300 g of polenta or wheat flour
1/2 liter of
salt salt
Preparation: Salt
water and allow it to boil.
When the water boils, add the flour gradually in very small quantities while stirring so that no lumps are created.
When you put the flour / polenta, continue stirring for another ten minutes at a high temperature with a wooden spoon.
You can consume it yourself or with a supplement (tomato sauce or vegetables).

2. Stuffed peppers with wheat

This dish may seem seemingly unusual to you, but believe that you will be pleasantly surprised by the aroma and taste.
You need to prepare for preparation:
8 peppers / babouries
200 g beef
500 g wheat
3 cloves garlic
100 g tomatoes
300 g leek
half a teaspoon red pepper
Cut the leeks and buns finely, and cut the tomato into cubes.
Aside from watering garlic and red pepper, add cooked and ground wheat. Add basil and additional spices at will, then fill up the peppers with the prepared mixture. Place them in a baking pan, cover with foil and bake for thirty minutes to 180 degrees.

3. Potato Pellets A

tasty and simple recipe for those who want to prepare and taste something interesting and checked during the fasting days.
For this recipe you need:
1/2 kg potato
500 g flour
salt bread
Boil the potatoes, peel them, salt and salt. Then mix it with flour. Mix this made dough and start to form small balls, which you will put in boiled salted water. When they begin to surface on the surface, then you will know that they are ready. You can, in the end, dip them into breadcrumbs, of course, if you think you will be more delicious.4. Vegetable soup / stewFor preparation of this delicious and full of vitamins vegetable soup, which is also a lean meal, you will need:
1 potato
1 carrot
1 head onion
1 pepper
2 liters water
1/2 liter tomato sauce
2 tablespoons spice of mixed vegetables
1 bite parsley
Wash and clean, and then finely chop potatoes, carrots, onions and peppers.
Pour it over with water and let the vegetables cook. Before the end, add the tomato sauce and spice, salt and chopped burgundy parsley.


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