Tips And Methods To Effectively Lose Chin Fat!

Oh, you don’t like the double chin. Well, nobody does. Chin fat is uncomfortable and makes you aware of your looks every time. It makes you feel as though you’re old or overweight. If you have such feelings about your double chin, work on it. Using exercises and diet control, you can actually lose your chin fat. But before you jump with the remedies, bear in mind that behind your extra face padding, there may be a few contributing factors.


Heredity. Your genes determine how much fat your body can get and where it can get. Genes also affect your body’s water retention. Both the retention of fat and water can make you overweight. Your chin too. That doesn’t mean you can’t get rid of a double chin, however. Changes in lifestyle may help you lose chin fat, but you may need to put a lot of effort in comparison with those with double chins due to other factors.

Aging. With age, your skin loses its elasticity. Muscles also weaken, and muscle loss also occurs. Chin is no exception to this. Indeed, chin is one of those places in your body that get too easily affected by a collagen and muscle loss. Home remedies for tightening the skin can help you to reduce chin fat when the skin is slackening. Chin exercises are also important to lose fat from here.

And because the process of aging skin can be accelerated by poor diet and exposure to harmful UV rays, you also need to take care of your diet and protect skin from sun rays, chemicals and other pollutants.

Obesity. No prizes for this one to guess. Getting overweight means you are at a high risk of getting a double chin as well as various diseases. So, you even lose chine fat when you lose weight. While you need to monitor your diet and do general weight loss exercises, there are also some unique chin exercises that you need to do to lose fat.

Now you know, being overweight is the obvious cause of double chin, but even if you’re thin, you might get fat deposited in chin because of genetics or aging skin slackening! So, how can you get rid of chin fat? You have to do some chin exercises. Besides that, manage your diet and move your body to lose weight in order to lose fate from the chin area as well.

Tips And Methods

1. Chin Exercises

Exercise 1. Stand or sit back straight. Tilt your head back so that you gaze up at the ceiling. Press your lips as you try to kiss the ceiling. Keep calming the other facial muscles. For 5 seconds, keep your lips puckered. Then let go of your lips. Repeat this exercise five to ten times.

Exercise 2. Perform neck rolls to stretch the muscles of your jaw, throat and neck. This exercise can also lower the tension in your neck and shoulders. Stand up or sit straight with your back. Inhale and turn your head to your side until your cheek brushes your shoulder. Hold your eyes to one side. Exhale and roll down your head until you touch your chest with your chin. Inhale and roll your head to the other side to brush the other shoulder with your chin. Repeat the rolls on each side of the neck 5-10 times.

Exercise 3. To strengthen your mouth and jaw, do jaw release exercises. Start by sitting with a straight back or standing. Breathe in through your nose. Press your lips together as you exhale and move your jaw as if you were chewing a piece of food. Open your mouth wide once you have exhaled. Inhale and exhale, and open your mouth with an “ahhh” sound. Place your tongue tip against the back of your teeth to keep your jaw relaxed.

2. Healthy Lifestyle

Do cardio exercises for 30 minutes a day. If you’ve got a double chin because you’re overweight, you’ll need to concentrate on weight loss exercise. Your chin fat should also begin to disappear as you lose weight. Try to schedule as part of your daily routine, a 30 minutes of cardio like running, jogging, jumping jacks, or rowing. Keep your heart rate to lose weight for 30 minutes a day.

Several times a week, take a fitness class. See your local gym or community center for fitness classes. Pick classes that focus on building cardio and strength, like a spin, free weights, or class of aerobics.

3. Diet

Eat lean proteins, berries, vegetables, and grains in a healthy diet. Change your diet to help you lose weight and have sufficient energy for your workouts. Go on a lean protein diet such as rice, fish and tofu. Make sure you’re eating enough fresh fruits, vegetables, and nutritious grains like quinoa, barley, and rice. Use low-fat milk to be able to control how much fat you consume.

Create a weekly meal plan at the beginning of the week where you go shopping and prepare healthy meals for the week. Limit how often you eat and cook at home so you can monitor what you’re eating.

Avoid products that contain salt and sugar. All over your body, including your chin area, salt and sugar can cause bloating and swelling. Cut foods containing artificial sugar like pre-packaged foods, candy, cakes, and sweets. Avoid salt-high foods like instant noodles, frozen dinners, and fast food.


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