All you need to know about sparkling water and its benefits.

Being well hydrated and making sure you drink at least 9 glasses of water during the day is very important especially during the summer days. Doctors recommend regularly drinking water even when you do not feel thirsty because when your brain delivers the message that you are in need of water your body is already dehydrated.

Moreover, most people usually drink either filtered or tap water but sometimes we find ourselves craving something different as sparkling water. However, many have questioned is sparkling water a healthy choice and should we drink it as frequently as we would like to.

How is sparkling water made?

Surprisingly it is fairly simple, sparkling water is made by infusing carbon dioxide into water and once in it this carbon dioxide transforms into carbonic acid which is in fact the cause for the fizzy sensation we feel on our tongue.

Sparkling water or also known as mineral water was first discovered in the eighteenth century. These natural springs of mineral water were first used for bathing, but it did not take long for people to realize the health benefits that drinking this water brings.

Another name commonly used to refer to sparkling water is seltzer, which is also the name of one of the springs of mineral water in Germany. Moreover, sparkling water is used to create other beverages as soda for example. The process of making soda is also very simple, all you need to do is add some minerals as sodium citrate, potassium sulfate, disodium phosphate and sodium bicarbonate to carbonated water.

  • Benefits of sparkling water

When faced with the choice between sparkling water and soda, always choose the former. It is by far a healthier choice because it does not contain sugar nor other artificial sweeteners and unlike soda it brings various health benefits.

  • Helps better digestion

Studies have shown that carbonated water is very helpful in improving digestion, relieving constipation and gall bladder emptying. Therefore, treating an upset stomach, caused by factors as morning and motion sickness or indigestion, with this sparkling beverage is the way to go.

  • Blood sugar control

A study conducted in 2015 included two groups, the participants from the first group drank only tap water while the participants from the other group drank only carbonated water. The results showed that the participants from the group that drank carbonated water had a visible decline in glycoalbuminlevels and these levels are related to blood sugar control. Moreover, bicarbonate also helps create a healthy PH balance which ensures stable blood glucose levels.

  • Mineral content

Minerals are widely known for their ability to help the body stay hydrated and in good function. Magnesium is a mineral that many of us are in lack of and luckily it is one among the many minerals which may be foundin sparkling water.

Is flavored seltzer good for you?

Normally, flavored seltzer contains natural or sometimes artificial flavoring which are devoid of nutrition and highly processed. However, experts say that not only artificial but also natural flavoring should be avoided because it plays a trick on your body leading it on to think that there is nutrition in this drink when in reality there is none.

Other ingredients that a flavored seltzer may contain are sugar, artificial sweeteners and very often citric acid which is not good news because it makes the beverage more acidic.

Can sparkling water replace regular water?

Evidence suggest that both regular and sparkling water provide the body with the hydration it needs and do no harm. The only thing one should be cautious about is the fact that sparkling water can cause a feeling of being full and it may cause you not to drink enough water, therefore when drinking sparkling water remember to also have a glass or two of regular water to stay hydrated enough.

Can sparkling water make you fat?

Generally speaking due to sparkling water having zero calories and no additional sugar no sweeteners it is unlikely it will cause you to gain weight. However, an article posted by the New York Post argues that the fizziness of this beverage can trigger hunger hormones and cause you to eat eventhough you do not need to.

This is one perspective and we have a different one discussed in an article published by the Journal of Science and Vitaminology, which reported that a group of women who have been drinking sparkling water witnessed that it made them feel full for a short period of time and help them not to overeat.

Bearing both these facts in mind, the most reasonable conclusion would be to see how sparkling water affects you individually and based on that choose whether to drink it or not.


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